Why It’s Best To Hire A Wedding Planner

Should you really hire a wedding planner, or is it just a waste of money? This is something that many brides-to-be are asking. They don’t know if this is a great idea, or if this might be something that they are going to regret. These reasons why you should hire a wedding planner will make it easier to decide if this is something that you should consider or not:

wedding preparations

They have the experience to make your dream day come true

Wedding planning is something that not everyone can do correctly. You might have …

How to Select the Right Event Planner for Your Upcoming Event


Wedding planning is stressful! It doesn’t matter if you want a small wedding or a considerably large one, you have so much to take care of and sometimes there just isn’t enough time. That is why hiring an event planning team is necessary and it can make things far simpler for everyone involved. However, when it comes to selecting a new event planner, which should you choose? That is a tough question but if you know a few tips how to go about selecting a new planner, it could make things a lot …

How much does a wedding planner cost?


Your perfect guide to picking the perfect wedding planner. You need an experienced planner as wedding don’t come cheap and neither do wedding planners. According to Real Wedding Study, a survey of 18,000 U.S. brides who married in 2015 revealed the cost of wedding planners being $1,996 and a total of $32,641 on a wedding overall excluding the honeymoon. The cost of a wedding planner will vary based on a full-service planner or a day of planner costing less, and the overall budget of the wedding.

A wedding planner will charge either …

Why Even Hire a Wedding Planner – Can I Do It On My Own?

easy wedding planningWedding is one the most special event in someone’s life. It is a time of celebration of two lovers uniting together in a luxurious ceremony. All couples would want their wedding to be the greatest day of their lives. It’s normal for couples to go overboard with their budget on their wedding because they want their wedding to be a little more special than others. Because of that reason, planning a wedding can be a complicated task that is reserved only to those who have the patience and experience in dealing with event planning. …

What’s The Best Theme For My Wedding?

Your wedding can be considered the most beautiful event in your life. If you want to have the perfect wedding for you and your partner, you would want everything to be perfect and in synched. The best way to do that is to hire a good wedding planner. Hiring a good wedding planner will rid of your stress and allow you to focus on the wedding experience instead of worrying about planning your wedding. The best wedding planners will plan a theme for you (according to your preference of course), and will make your …

Taking The Stress Out Of Wedding Planning

Getting married should be a wonderful experience for both parties involved. However, the days leading to that special day may not be as wonderful as you thought it would be. Months prior to the wedding, planning is still the primary concern and it isn’t as exciting as the wedding itself, of course. In fact, wedding planning can sometimes be a hassle and you can easily get overwhelmed by the escalating work that needs to be done before the wedding. Wedding planning can be fun too but you need to hire a wedding planner to …

The right wedding planning site for your unique day

Many people today consider the work of a wedding planner really necessary in the wedding organization. But is that really necessary?

They indicate suppliers, organize the agenda of all, they also remember the missing closing and the time limits for this, send you stop and breathe comes when an outbreak of the whole party. But today I want to tell you – or rather remind you – that while very important, a wedding planner for the marriage is not an essential item. You can do it yourself.

Wedding and event planners

I still think …

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations

That everything remains in order is the wish of both families. That’s why; while preparing a wedding checklist, right from the decoration to catering, from dresses to the accessories, from lights to photographer and from entrance to bride and groom table, every single thing seeks attention of people and it is ensured that nothing goes out of order.

One of the significant things, demanding enough attention is Wedding Tables decorations. These wedding tables are where the guests settle down for dinner and which accommodate gifts, the bride and groom get on their special day. …

10 Tips to Find the RIGHT Wedding Planner

The key components to bear as a top priority when employing a wedding planner – I’m certain there are many, many more. Anyhow, I really accept that these are the most important when settling on a wedding planner, because they will make the choice making process that much easier… and issue you peace of brain that you’ve contracted the RIGHT wedding planner for your destination wedding!

Consider your needs. What sort of administration will you require?

There are as many planners as there are decisions, so it’s important for you to narrow down your …

Wedding Planners

How Much Do Wedding Planners Charge?

When you choose to begin a wedding and event planners business, a standout amongst the most imperative and most troublesome inquiries you will ask yourself is, “What amount of do wedding planners charge?” The wedding arranging industry has changed throughout the most recent couple of years from principally charging a rate of the expense of the wedding to charging a level charge in view of the administration advertised.

Most wedding planners offer three sorts of bundles. These bundles comprise of:

• Consulting
• Day of Coordination
• Full Service Wedding Planning
• Consulting

Counseling …