How much does a wedding planner cost?


Your perfect guide to picking the perfect wedding planner. You need an experienced planner as wedding don’t come cheap and neither do wedding planners. According to Real Wedding Study, a survey of 18,000 U.S. brides who married in 2015 revealed the cost of wedding planners being $1,996 and a total of $32,641 on a wedding overall excluding the honeymoon. The cost of a wedding planner will vary based on a full-service planner or a day of planner costing less, and the overall budget of the wedding.

A wedding planner will charge either flat fee, a percentage of the total wedding bill or on an hourly basis. The fee will factors in location, hiring a planner at Palm Spring, California will cost $3,995 and in Boston at $2,982.

Types of wedding planners

Having chosen the life partner, wedding location, honeymoon places now it’s time to choose a perfect wedding planner. Just like dating you have options.

Here are the three most important types of wedding and event planners:

Full-service wedding and event planner

The full-service planner will guide you through all the aspects of the wedding; they will design the wedding initial vision of the event. They will ensure everything goes as planned on the wedding events and wedding day. The planner cost around $3,000 and is the right idea of you don’t have time to plan most of the wedding things.

Day-of-wedding coordinator

This wedding planner is only responsible for the wedding day- ensuring everything goes as planned and they aren’t involved in the planning beforehand. They are sometimes considered as the control; freaks and are a good option of wedding planners. They will be coordinating the wedding day schedule, thus comes in a month before, working with wedding suppliers and vendors while still handling setups. Day-of coordinators charge a fee of $900 and up.

A la carte wedding planner

The best wedding and event planning companies will also offer la carte services; the couple picks and chooses what aspects of wedding they need help planning. Most couples have a clear vision of the cake, flowers, and catering, but find it hard to start with the décor and the a la carte services will come in. The planner is contacted when you’re stuck in the planning process. They mostly charge either an hourly rate or flat fee.

How to find the perfect planner

Getting a wedding planner needs to be a good chunk of change even if you have a wedding planner on the cheap. Evaluating different wedding planners and their services you will need to consider several things.

First, the wedding planner must be available on the wedding set date, priced the wedding in your budget range, determine what they’re able to do and what they aren’t able to handle.

Depending the type of wedding planner you hire, availability when needed, for, will the wedding planner be available to go with you to every tasting, fitting, and stand in for you at vendor meetings you can’t be present.  Check on their strengths, vision and style making sure it’s I line with your ideal day.

Important questions to ask a potential planner:

  • Their experience in wedding planning?
  • How many clients they’ll be handling while still working on your wedding?
  • How well they can plan a wedding at any venue chosen?
  • Do they work only with specific suppliers and vendors?

Above all, enjoy your engagement, and let wedding planner stress over flower arrangements and design and cake flavors. After all, you have a honeymoon to plan, thus hire the best wedding and event planner!

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