Why Even Hire a Wedding Planner – Can I Do It On My Own?

easy wedding planningWedding is one the most special event in someone’s life. It is a time of celebration of two lovers uniting together in a luxurious ceremony. All couples would want their wedding to be the greatest day of their lives. It’s normal for couples to go overboard with their budget on their wedding because they want their wedding to be a little more special than others. Because of that reason, planning a wedding can be a complicated task that is reserved only to those who have the patience and experience in dealing with event planning. This is a frightening task for anybody but you can make it easier on yourself if you hire a wedding planner.

Hiring a wedding planner is not always a necessity. However, because of the busy lifestyle we lead today, it has now become hard to plan a wedding on your own. All things considered, hiring a wedding planner is quickly becoming a necessity in all weddings. They just make life that much easier because of their contacts with many wedding vendors and event planning groups.

Can you plan a wedding on your own?

Absolutely, yes. If you have the time and patience, you can absolutely plan a wedding on your own. However, the problem with this approach is your lack of experience in dealing with vendors. A vendor can easily spot an inexperienced planner. Once they spot them, they will jack up their price by quite a lot. And with them knowing that it is a wedding event, their price increase will be so high it’s unfair. One way to avoid this is to not let them know that you’re planning for a wedding. Tell them it’s for a small event or something of the sorts. Avoid letting any vendor know that you’re shopping for a wedding service and they will give a fair offer.

Another thing to consider when planning a wedding is the stress. Planning a wedding is no easy task. Even experienced planners will experience stress while planning. If you are planning a wedding by yourself, chances are, you will experience even more stress compared to a professional planner. Obviously, stress is not good for our body. Stress hormones can make you moody and impulsive, and both of these things can lead to bad decisions. A word of advice, if planning a wedding on your own, give yourself ample amount of time to avoid stress.

Planning a wedding is hard, why not just hire a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner is a great idea. It is easier and more convenient. It will reduce your stress and take the load off your shoulders. Another benefit of hiring a professional planner is their experience. They know how to talk to vendors and get the best rates. They can juggle several vendors at once given that they already have plenty of contacts. You will only be needed for the final consultation and decision making.

Overall, hiring a wedding planner is the best choice. Why stress out on things you have no experience with? Why carry all the stress of planning a wedding when you can hire a professional to help you? Is it not better for you to just relax and be comfortable on the months leading up to your wedding? Be wise and hire a professional wedding planner and be worry free.

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